June 14, 2017

You put the ‘Ho’ in ‘Hostess’

TV Tip will feature a selection of my favorite TV shows – some current, some forgotten and some total classics.

Arrogant, spicy and very charming – this is the unique ambiance of Kitchen Confidential.

Only 13 episodes of this goodyness but absolutely worth it for those appreciating fast-paced, raw and hot atmosphere of a professional kitchen. Based on Anthony Bourdain’s book about his tumultuous adventures as a star chef in New York City, this sitcom extracts the best bits and creates a world of strange, twisted and very funny characters. And I fall in love with them every single time.

These egocentric, food-obsessed people belong to their own tribe and speak their own language as Bourdain himself explains extensively in his book. It is delightful to peek behind the scenes and indulge in the art of making great food.

Now a bona fide star, Bradley Cooper got his first major lead role as the ex-addict, womanizer star-chef Jack Bourdain. It’s a shame the show got cancelled in some ridiculous way (baseball championship took the slot) and deprived the public of Cooper’s naughty portrayal. Even his later role as a chef in Burnt (similar story, very similar characters) was not even close to the charisma he brings to Kitchen Confidential.

Recipe for failure: take one part natural talent, two parts stellar education, mix with easy success and a generous helping of booze, drugs, and women, and immediately set on fire.
Jack Bourdain

The rest of the cast is a great ensemble of very talented and perfectly cast actors. John Francis Daley [Freaks and Geeks], Jaime King [Sin City], John Cho [Selfie] and Owain Yeoman (his character Steven adds the cayenne flavor in this mix).

It’s light, entertaining and deserves to be appreciated with a good glass of wine.

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