November 28, 2019

Cinematic Dining

Diving in the world of a particular movie is a special experience, which usually leaves certain memories. When and where you’ve seen a movie is forever immersed with the act itself. As smells and tastes shape our memories, so do settings of a screening. Sharing these occurrences with like-minded people makes it even more exquisite. This is why CINEMAD came to life. It is a community for all movie lovers who like to discover and enjoy a different way to see a movie.

December is around the corner and CINEMAD invites you to try some fantastic wine and a special menu at Lavanda Restaurant with a selection of 90s classics.

No matter of it is a first time or just a revisit of a favorite one, it is simply delicious to let yourself be entertained this way.

05.12 Basic Instinct

18.12 Interview with the Vampire

Lavanda restaurant, Shishman 12, Sofia

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