June 8, 2016

The Japanese peach

Kenzo’s new campaign video features some really cool biker chicks. Written and directed by Partel Oliva “Sun to Sun” tells the story of Momoko or Peach girl. It’s a reinterpreted version of the Japanese folktale about Momotarō – a boy who came to Earth inside a giant peach.Sent from Heaven, he comes to Earth to fight demons. The character represents bravery, care of parents and power. This girly version of the tale shows an all girl biker gang riding through neon city, swinging bats and looking pretty bad-ass.
"Sun to Sun", KENZO Pre-Fall 2016 movie by Partel Oliva
Partel Oliva’s work is visually seductive and eerie. They usually play with video, photography, CGI, performance and code.
Artist Sanghon Kim, whose style is also combining visual techniques, provides beautiful animation to tell Momoko’s story.

It’s all about the right mix.

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