April 27, 2020

Searching for Humanity [Iara Lee]

Iara Lee is not your typical storyteller. Her talent and search for real stories and real people dig deep into the soul of this world. Her curiosity to display the beauty and struggle of human existence is unique, adventurous and just very sharp. Iara displays the layered truth and the strength of the everyday woman and man. And it is inspiring!

Her collaborations are also so versatile and cross-culture talent-oriented. She chooses her crew from all over the world, she loves to discover new talent and give a chance to join forces and share narratives that are often left hidden.

She wants to shift awareness, provoke the audience and maybe provide some lessons to a better understanding and a better future.

Her production company called  Cultures of Resistance is where you can find  her movies which are now available to stream for free.

This is such a special way to start an idea I had been developing for some time. I want to create conversations with talented people that share advice and knowledge on movie making, storytelling and just self-expression. I’m honored to have Iara Lee as my first guest.

Her latest films can be found on her YouTube Channel. Here are some links…

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photo: Ivaylo Donchev
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