January 11, 2017

Chaos and Creation

Franca: Chaos and Creation is a documentary about an extraordinary woman who recently left this world  leaving a trail of beautiful and provocative work behind.

Kate Moss by Mario Testino for Vogue Italia

Her creative genius filled the pages of Italian Vogue for 28 years with fashion editorials that told stories and created characters. Since my early fashion conscious days (a teenager feeding on magazines), I was collecting those thick issues of Italian Vogue without understanding the work and talent behind them. They were fascinating, cinematic and very sexy. The women from her pages were heroines with an attitude. They spoke to me in a way that made it comfortable to be bold, to experiment and play with style and clothes as a way to accentuate your personality.

State of Emergency by Steven Meisel

Franca Sozzani created a specific identity of the Italian fashion bible. Clearly outspoken she pushed buttons through her work choices and frank interviews.
This documentary made by Francesco Carrozzini [her son] focuses on her creative legacy as an Editor-in-Chief.


Franca: Chaos & Creation Trailer from Franca: Chaos & Creation on Vimeo.

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