July 15, 2022

The BEAR: The Burden of Greatness

Developing the skills to feed people great food and surviving the world of culinary is a path to earning the title ‘CHEF’. It requires a lot, often too much.

So why do people seek and choose the journey of humiliation, sleepless nights, and absolute exhaustion?

There is a certain magic when one achieves the alchemy of tastes. This is a story about survival, about everyday people with marvelous skills, about tough decisions and sacrifice. The process of creation contains this magic, the rush of adrenaline makes one feel the force of life, and the completion of each day is gratifying when one has given ALL one has.

Jeremy Allen White leads a very very talented cast in The Bear. It is a journey of self-discovery, odd friendships, and family. The complicated configuration of relationships in a family – traditional or chosen is portrayed in a beautiful but raw manner. It is about chasing dreams in this life whatever cards one has dealt. Chasing dreams is never a cliché. It is a journey, not a destination.

Damn the end is just pure symphony.

Can’t wait for season two.

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